Forkhead box M1 (FOXM1) plays a critical role in development physiologically and tumorigenesis pathologically. However, insufficient efforts have been dedicated to exploring the regulation, in particular the degradation of FOXM1. Here, the ON-TARGETplus siRNA library targeting E3 ligases was used to screen potential candidates to repress FOXM1. Of note, mechanism study revealed that RNF112 directly ubiquitinates FOXM1 in gastric cancer, resulting in a decreased FOXM1 transcriptional network and suppressing the proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer. Interestingly, the well-established small-molecule compound RCM-1 significantly enhanced the interaction between RNF112 and FOXM1, which further promoted FOXM1 ubiquitination and subsequently exerted promising anticancer effects in vitro and in vivo. Altogether, we demonstrate that RNF112 suppresses gastric cancer progression by ubiquitinating FOXM1 and highlight the RNF112/FOXM1 axis serves as both prognosis biomarker and therapeutic target in gastric cancer.


Shengwei Zhang, Jing Wang, Weichao Hu, Lijiao He, Qingyun Tang, Jie Li, Mengmeng Jie, Xinzhe Li, Cheng Liu, Qin Ouyang, Shiming Yang, Changjiang Hu


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