Here, we report on a phase IIa study to determine the intubation rate, survival, viral clearance, and development of endogenous Abs in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia treated with convalescent plasma (CCP) containing high levels of neutralizing anti–SARS-CoV-2 Abs. Radiographic and laboratory evaluation confirmed all 51 treated patients had COVID-19 pneumonia. Fresh or frozen CCP from donors with high titers of neutralizing Abs was administered. The nonmechanically ventilated patients (n = 36) had an intubation rate of 13.9% and a 30-day survival rate of 88.9%, and the overall survival rate for a comparative group based on network data was 72.5% (1625/2241). Patients had negative nasopharyngeal swab rates of 43.8% and 73.0% on days 10 and 30, respectively. Patients mechanically ventilated had a day-30 mortality rate of 46.7%; the mortality rate for a comparative group based on network data was 71.0% (369/520). All evaluable patients were found to have neutralizing Abs on day 3 (n = 47), and all but 1 patient had Abs on days 30 and 60. The only adverse event was a mild rash. In this study on patients with COVID-19 disease, we show therapeutic use of CCP was safe and conferred transfer of Abs, while preserving endogenous immune response.


Michele L. Donato, Steven Park, Melissa Baker, Robert Korngold, Alison Morawski, Xue Geng, Ming Tan, Andrew Ip, Stuart Goldberg, Scott Rowley, Kar Chow, Emily Brown, Joshua Zenreich, Phyllis McKiernan, Kathryn Buttner, Anna Ullrich, Laura Long, Rena Feinman, Andrea Ricourt, Marlo Kemp, Mariefel Vendivil, Hyung Suh, Bindu Balani, Cristina Cicogna, Rani Sebti, Abdulla Al-Khan, Steven Sperber, Samit Desai, Stacey Fanning, Danit Arad, Ronaldo Go, Elizabeth Tam, Keith Rose, Sean Sadikot, David Siegel, Martin Gutierrez, Tatyana Feldman, Andre Goy, Andrew Pecora, Noa Biran, Lori Leslie, Alfred Gillio, Sarah Timmapuri, Michele Boonstra, Sam Singer, Sukhdeep Kaur, Ernest Richards, David S. Perlin


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