Alternative polyadenylation (APA), a posttranscriptional mechanism of gene expression via determination of 3′UTR length, has an emerging role in carcinogenesis. Although abundant APA reprogramming is found in kidney renal clear cell carcinoma (KIRC), which is one of the major malignancies, whether APA functions in KIRC remains unknown. Herein, we found that chromatin modifier MORC2 gained oncogenic potential in KIRC among the genes with APA reprogramming, and moreover, its oncogenic potential was enhanced by 3′UTR shortening through stabilization of MORC2 mRNA. MORC2 was found to function in KIRC by downregulating tumor suppressor DAPK1 via DNA methylation. Mechanistically, MORC2 recruited DNMT3A to facilitate hypermethylation of the DAPK1 promoter, which was strengthened by 3′UTR shortening of MORC2. Furthermore, loss of APA regulator NUDT21, which was induced by DNMT3B-mediated promoter methylation, was identified as responsible for 3′UTR shortening of MORC2 in KIRC. Additionally, NUDT21 was confirmed to act as a tumor suppressor mainly depending on downregulation of MORC2. Finally, we designed an antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) to enhance NUDT21 expression and validated its antitumor effect in vivo and in vitro. This study uncovers the DNMT3B/NUDT21/APA/MORC2/DAPK1 regulatory axis in KIRC, disclosing the role of APA in KIRC and the crosstalk between DNA methylation and APA.


Yuqin Tan, Tong Zheng, Zijun Su, Min Chen, Suxiang Chen, Rui Zhang, Ruojiao Wang, Ke Li, Ning Na


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